From jackets to pants, to sofa cushions and curtains, CullaChange can change the colour of anything. Owned by Rosemary Wright, it’s the only business in Australia offering this unique service, and it’s right here in Surry Hills.

Rosemary’s journey started out in renovating property. It was her love of transforming something old and tired into something new and bright that got her started. From there, she invested in an industrial laundry, where she’d stone wash jeans for large retailers like Lee. Then one day, Rosemary received a phone call from a local manufacturer, Time Sportswear, asking if she could dye a pair of jeans the colour pink. That one pair turned into 100, and ever since, CullaChange hasn’t stopped garment dying.

It’s even how Rosemary met her partner David. Later down the track she leased a warehouse for colour dying in St. Peters. Next door was her neighbour David, who at the time had a welding business. As Rosemary fondly recalls, there was electricity in the air the moment they met, literally. “I had an electrical issue, and David came over and helped me. And he did such a good job that I decided he should be with me.”

CullaChange is so customer-friendly they even send out an information pack telling you exactly what services they provide, and with it, a reply paid envelope. Then all you have to do is pop what you want dyed back in the envelope, and they’ll do the rest. Simple as that. So next time you want to breathe new life into your wardrobe, consider a CullaChange instead of a change of clothes.