Haven Specialty Coffee

While this open and naturally lit space caters for large crowds, Haven Specialty Coffee’s popularity amongst Surry Hills locals means finding a place to call your own is easier said than done. But that only adds to the expectations, from their eclectic menu to their specialised coffee, it’s an experience you’ll want to put on repeat.

Four years’ young, the cumulative experience that makes up Haven goes back even further. Kit Tran, manager of Haven, started working in cafés while studying at university in Sydney. Originally from Hong Kong, he and his old high school friend decided to branch out and open their own cafe.

“We first started in Melbourne then quickly realised the speciality coffee scene is already too mature there, so we decided to try Sydney, as this city is still developing their coffee tastes, which is also exciting”, says Kit.

Haven’s menu is a combination of Asian fusion meets Australia, while also paying homage to their home turf, with their iconic egg waffles being inspired by Hong Kong street food. Kit explains, “This is what we eat in Hong Kong and so we wanted to bring a bit of where we come from to here, and it’s been really well received.”

The coffee aroma that carries throughout Haven is enough to convert the most stalwart of decaf drinkers. They source their own green beans and then roast various styles in Marrickville, with their house blend consisting of three different origins, one from Colombia and two Ethiopia.

Depending on the coffee you order, you’ll be given a small bowl of either currants, raisins or almonds that contrasts beautifully with the flavours. “Coffee is like wine, every cup is unique and we introduce these interesting ways that enhance your palate”, says Kit.’