Mark and Vinny’s

No, this isn’t the name of a new Martin Scorsese film. Rather Mark + Vinny’s is the name of a new Italian restaurant located in Surry Hills, and Mark Filipelli and Vinny Pizzinga are the creative minds behind it.

So while they’re not being captured on celluloid, their paths did cross in the hub of filmmaking, being Hollywood, California. Vinny explains, “I’m from Sydney but I’d been working in LA for 12 years and wanted a new creative outlet, then I met Mark at a mutual friend’s Halloween party and we got talking.”

Mark is from Melbourne, and was in LA researching the US restaurant scene. Their serendipitous meeting then yielded their eventual Italian vegan-friendly pasta bar.

While Mark and Vinny’s offers plenty of evidence that pasta can be just as delicious when made vegan style, their charcoal bucatini smoked mushroom pancetta also reminds us how appetising tradition is. What they offer is the best of both worlds.

“We’re both Italian, so naturally pasta is a big deal to us, but so is seeing the old as a new opportunity. Experimenting is important to what we do”, says Mark.

They’re both conscious of just how hard and competitive the restaurant scene is, so a strong brand presence, combined with a unique customer experience, lead by great food is integral to what they do.

Their menu is unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. It’s traditional Italian with a side of ‘Meet the Jetsons’, as their neon blue spirulina pasta proves. And with over 20 spritz-based cocktails to choose from, you’ll never be hard up for a drink, though it might be hard deciding which one to try. (Probably best to ask Mark and Vinny, however considering they each have a spritz named after them, they might have some favouritism going on.)