Mohr Fish

Located towards the top end of Devonshire Street, the shop that houses Mohr Fish was once upon a time a butchers. The only clue to its former life are the ceramic tiles of farm animals still embedded within its walls.

Established in 1992, Mohr Fish was named after husband and wife team, Hans and Jenny Mohr. The Mohrs had a vision of bringing restaurant-quality fish and chips to the Surry Hills area, but without restaurant-quality prices. And the neighbourhood took to the idea like a fish takes to water. Twenty-six years on, Mohr Fish has long established itself as not just a local icon, but also a Sydney one too.

When Hans and Jenny retired in 2014, the business was handed over to their niece Stephanie, and her husband (and chef), Isaac. The two have continued the exceptional quality and freshness that Mohr Fish is so famous for, not to mention their popular bouillabaisse.

Says Stephanie, “Everyday we’re at the fish markets, everything is fresh and high quality. Testament to that is that we have locals, when they’re leaving work, phone us up to make sure we have some bouillabaisse left over for them. During winter they line up out the door for it.”

However for Isaac, he swears by his beer-battered flathead, “It’s about the crispiness. You go to most places, and the fish is crispy at first, but then quickly goes soggy, but here, it stays crispy.”

And still keeping a watchful eye over everything is Hans Mohr, who occasionally pops in to make sure the quality is up to his high standards. If their unique flavours and handmade tartar sauce is anything to go by, Stephanie and Isaac are definitely doing Hans proud.