Orla Quinlan’s Hair Day Spa

A native of Dublin, Orla never wanted to come to Australia. She had her eyes set on the bright lights of Hollywood, to be a hairdresser to the stars. It was her close group of nine girlfriends that convinced her to go travelling with them down under. The nine that travelled with her eventually returned to Ireland, but two decades on Orla’s well and truly made her home here.

Her sister is a hairdresser and her mum was too, so it was somewhat inevitable that Orla would follow the same career path. And at the age of just 14, thanks to her Aunty, that’s exactly what happened.

“My Aunty was a big client of a hairdresser’s in Dublin, and she got me in there. Though I think the hairdresser was in love with my Aunty, so that helped”, laughs Orla.

For nineteen years Orla’s been cutting hair on Devonshire Street. While she’s won multiple awards for hair colouring, it’s because of Orla’s expert ability with curly hair that’s she’s been dubbed the ‘Hair Whisperer’.

“They [her loyal clients] say hair just does what I tell it to”, says Orla. She specialises in precision cutting, which focuses on strong structure of the hair and can make thin hair appear full. “I find hair is like building a house, you start with your structure and then the roof goes on, and I always say what’s in, is what suits you”, says Orla.

So if you happen to have curly hair you need tamed, or you want a fresh colouring, you’ll be in very good hands with Orla.