Orto Trading Co.

Sitting down at Orto Trading Co. to a delicious coffee and Piero’s much loved chicken voltini, while enjoying the view of his adored kumquats. This is a slice of Italy, Surry Hills style, and Piero is the real deal. Italian born, he moved to Australia with his mum and dad at a very young. And while Australia is definitely home, he’s also proud of his Italian heritage, which is seen in the herbs he grows and the mouth-watering food he serves.

“I try to instil a very Italian feel to what I do, with home-style cooking, food that’s prepared with care. Also being authentic is important, from having real plants in the café, to the ingredients I use”, says Piero.

Having worked in hospitality since the age of 13, with the majority of his experience being in restaurants, this is Piero’s first café, which he’s owned for the past two years. You could say it was light at first sight that convinced Piero that Orto Trading Co was for him. “I fell in love with the light that floods this space. In my mind I bought the café before even stepping inside, because of just how beautiful that natural light is.”

Open seven days a week from 7am to 4pm, doesn’t leave Piero time for much else, and he’s not complaining about it either. Coming from such an extensive background in the restaurant world means he’s comfortable getting around in the kitchen and on the floor. “It’s the people, the food and the wine, that’s what’s important to me.”

The future for Orto Trading Co is as bright as the natural light that it’s bathed in, as Piero is looking to open up in the evening so he can be a complement to the other Surry Hills eateries nearby.