Sample Coffee

Every morning a large number of appreciative coffee drinkers congregate and bow down at the altar of Sample Coffee. It’s here that this nook in the wall bestows caffeinated goodness that keeps their regulars coming back for more.

But it doesn’t have to stop at just one cup of your favourite morning brew. Sample Coffee also has a large café and coffee bean roastery in St. Peters, where you can enjoy a monthly subscription of coffee beans from around the globe. And behind all this mouth-watering ground-bean fun is owner Reuben Mardan.

Reuben began as a barista twenty years ago, and it didn’t take him long to realise that he had an interest in the nuances of the different beans used. The more he looked into it, the more he wanted to learn about where the beans came from, what the roasting process was, and what it actually took to make the perfect coffee.

“Coffee got me hooked, and not because of the caffeine, but because there was so much involved in the process. The journey of the coffee bean is a big one.”

For Reuben that journey has taken him all over the world, from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Honduras. He takes pride in the strong relationships he has with his overseas suppliers, and he makes sure that all his beans are ethically sourced with good working conditions for pickers and growers.

And when it comes to his own cup of coffee, Reuben’s preference is a long black. “This enables you to enjoy the full flavour of the beans.”