Sustainable Salon

Since he was a young fella running about in the busy streets of Mexico City, Diego Padilla had dreamt of moving to Australia. The nature and wildlife is what appealed to him, as did the fact that this other country he was fixated with was so far away. Then in 2002 Diego decided to pack his bags, and he said adiós to Mexico City, and g’day to his new home, Australia, a continent with the same number of people as the city he was leaving behind, 24 million.

Diego quickly settled in, and because he was a trained hairdresser, obtaining sponsorship wasn’t difficult. He started in Melbourne, where he spent his first seven years, and in 2010 he moved to Sydney. Fast forward to 2014, and Diego and his business partner Zoran came up with the idea of starting a salon that was based around non-toxic sustainability.

Diego explains, “My grandfather had a farm where he grew all these amazing crops. He never used pesticides, or any harmful chemicals, and so I thought, why can’t we apply the same idea to a hairdresser’s?”

Which is what he did in 2015, when the Sustainable Salon was born. The product range Diego uses is by an Italian company called Avines. It’s non-toxic, cruelty-free, and contains no nasties, and even gives better results than normal salon products.

And as you’re waiting for that hair dye to kick in, you can sit back and enjoy some bliss balls that Diego himself has made, and maybe even a glass of organic wine or beer. While Diego has called Australia home for the past fifteen years, it’s obvious he hasn’t lost any of that generous hospitality that Mexicans are so famous for.