Trinity Bar

From the tiny town of Tumut to the teeming, terrific Trinity (via London and Dubai). Kevin Keogh has seen a lot of the world, most of it from behind a bar or inside a restaurant. After eight years overseas, Kevin returned to Australia in December last year, and has been managing the Trinity Bar ever since.

He’s someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, as Kevin puts it plainly, “Pretentious or pretend is not in my vocab.” It’s this down to earth attitude that makes Kevin and the Trinity such a great fit. The Trinity is one of those good old-fashioned drinking and eating hubs that relies on its high quality consistency to keep the regulars coming back in. This consistency is (cont. below)

found in the dedicated staff that help Kevin run everything. “You can tell a good pub by the staff that work there, they stick around, and enjoy each other’s company. Our customers can feel that, and that happy, relaxed atmosphere is contagious.” Kevin says.

There’s also the dedicated sport aficionados who regularly pop in to watch their favourite team on any number of Trinity’s big screen TVs. Kevin points out that “Sport is a big draw card for us, 100%. But on top of that, you need great beer and nice food”. He observes “Nothing beats Australian produce. You can’t bring a plate of food out that has asparagus on it, when asparagus isn’t in season. People expect quality, and they get it here.”