Vivid Shop

Popping into Vivid is like stepping onto a white cloud as it passes through a rainbow. The naturally lit white space is complemented by the glorious colours of Vivid’s eclectic range of goodies, not to mention the colourful dried flowers hanging up around the space. But more on that later.

Owner Rajani Enderby is a colourful character herself, and someone who’s never short of a word. Originally from Malawi, Rajani made the move to Australia when she was 21 years old. Growing up, Rajani remembers a store that was also well known for its colour and varied products. It’s evidently left an indelible influence on her.

“I grew up with colour, and I love it, and I love it in here. Everyone that comes in, their faces immediately light up.”

After a stint working for the not-very-colourful Department of Immigration, Rajani decided she needed something more in her life, something that was fun. That’s when she approached the then owner of Vivid and started working there, which she did for seven years before deciding to buy the business in 2015.

Since taking over Vivid, Rajani has expanded the space to include two pop-up stores. Currently occupied is an art gallery, and directly next door, Gerhardt, with his fabulous collection of dried flowers, accompanied by their sweet floral scents.

If you’re on the search for that unique present, for any occasion, you should definitely start in here. With everything from collectible toys, art, clothing, homewares, and more, you’re sure to find something for someone (and maybe even for yourself).